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Information about the chatroom!

What is is a free video chat for people from all over the world to socialize and meet new friends in our chatroom.

What makes different from other chat sites? is a mix between a chat site and a social network where everyone can see each other. Our goal is to make you feel like this is your virtual place, a place where you can unleash, express yourself, meet friends, or just have fun !?

Must I be a registered member to use
No registration is required to use

How much does it cost?
It's free and will always be..

What can I do at as a guest (unregistered user)?
You can watch and listen to up to five cameras at once, get invited to a private chat, send a message in text, send unlimited instant messages, view profiles, block users, see who sees you, choose your text color in the chat and use smileys. You can also send personal webcam requests to a specific user.

Vad kan jag göra som registrerad medlem?
Som registrerad medlem kan du göra allt oregistrerade medlemmar kan göra plus: Lägga upp en egen profilbild! Registrerade medlemmar har även ett grönt smeknamn.

How can I watch someone's webcam??
Click the webcam icon next to the user's nickname.

How do I send my webcam?
Click the Cam icon next to Settings at the top right.

How do I invite someone to a private chat?
You do this by clicking on a specific user and selecting Personal message.

How can I block users from seeing my webcam and my messages in the chat?
You can block users by clicking on a user and then selecting "Ignore".

May I ask for or give out my personal info, such as my email, Skype, Facebook, etc. in public chat?
Yes. But we do not recommend sharing your personal information with strangers for security reasons

Can I request payment from users outside the site via PayPal or other payment services?
No. We do not allow solicitation in any form of payment outside our website, and any attempt to do so will have your account and ip number blocked.

Is it allowed to promote other sites in the chat or in my profile?
No, we consider promoting 3rd party websites as spam, and any attempt to do so will have your account blocked.

What if I am rude, obscene, or doing something illegal?
You will be kicked or permanently suspended from the chat without notice. In the event of coarser crimes, the police report also takes place with your IP number.

How do I report abuse?
You can report abuse to available moderators who have a pink name in the user list or contact us immediately on the contact form and we will handle
Your case shortly. In the case of coarser abuse, we ask you to send us any history.