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Note: You need to be 18 years old to use the chat!

§ 1: Webcam on is a chat feature. When the camera is activated, it displays a cam icon next to your nickname.

§ 2: At it is not possible to have children under any circumstances, so you should be aware that there are no children nearby when using your webcam. If you violate this, may prohibit you from connecting to the chat.

§ 3: You should, if possible, be physically present when you have your webcam on. If you are away from your webcam for a long time, you may find that your webcam has been turned off when you return.

§ 4: You should be aware that when you activate your webcam on, it will be shown to everyone if you do not choose to go into a private webcam chat.

§ 5: Accept if someone says no.

§ 6: Don't pretend to be the opposite sex.

§ 7: The login information is encrypted at All data is stored on servers owned by and is not released to third parties .

§ 8: Only private individuals, without financial intentions, may participate with us. It is also not permitted to distribute content such as advertising, advertisements or in any way have financial interests without the permission of

§ 9: accepts no responsibility for the content of the websites that have been linked to or from

§ 10: takes no responsibility for any damage to person or property arising from the chat Jumpychat,.com also takes no responsibility for the profiles in the chat or the truth content of it.

§ 11: It is not allowed to use the names of others that can lead to and harm other people's identities. reserves the right to take action.

§ 12: förbehåller sig rätten att när som helst modifiera, ändra eller uppdatera sajtens regler.

§ 13: cannot be held responsible for any technical complications that may arise on the site. assumes no responsibility for errors and deficiencies in the content of the site.

§ 14: Coarse personal attacks, harassment, threats or disguised threats directed against other users are prohibites.

§ 15: Usernames considered to be confusing with any other member, moderator or admin are prohibited

§ 16: All forms of drug trafficking (purchased, sold, exchanged, donated), including via PM and chat, are prohibited.

§ 17: Insecurity repeated warnings that are not heard result in a shutdown.

§ 18: It is prohibited to threaten or express failure to particularly vulnerable groups, with alluding to race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation.

§ 19: Private or commercial ads, such as buy, sell or swap ads, postings containing advertisements or posts with other content that the user earns money or other benefits on, are prohibited.

§ 20: Use nursing language.

§ 21: Use an appropriate username. (Username containing sexual content violates the rules. This will result in you being kicked out of the chat)

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